29 OCTOBER 2014 – 26 APRIL 2015


Twenty-five high-profile women from the worlds of politics, culture, business and fashion are personally contributing outfits and interviews to the Design Museum exhibition, London.

Highlights of the vintage pieces on display include a Zandra Rhodes ‘Conceptual Chic’ punk wedding dress, a Mansfield suit worn by Margaret Thatcher, clothes and accessories owned by Elsa Schiaparelli and a Jacques Azagury dress worn by Princess Diana.

The entire exhibition has been created by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

The event celebrates iconic and inspiring women from many fields such as politics, culture, business and fashion. Pioneers who had a considerable impact on our wardrobes. Enjoy!


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Dorothy Iannone’s Erotic and Postfeminist Art Works

Dorothy Iannone – Innocent and Aware

Take a glance at Dorothy Iannone‘s Erotic and Postfeminist Art Works at Camden Arts Centre, London.

With Art NouveauNaive and African Art influences, the exhibition offers a wide range of picturesque and junoesque women.

In her works it is easy to find out her primary sources . She was inspired by Gustav Klimt erotic bodies and Henri Rosseau ‘naive’ girls in the savannah.

Her works are a frank celebration of free eroticism and libertinage.

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 Try to guess the famous people depicted by Dorothy Iannone in the last picture of the gallery who are:

1.  A famous British film maker

2. A  president of the United States and his glamourous wife 

3. A renowned king of United Kingdom 

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An exhaustive and complete review of the exhibition is coming soon…

(Photographs courtesy of Camden Art Centre Press Office).