Hello, my name is Paul Smith

 The eclecticism between Fashion and Art on display at the Design Museum in London

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(Photographs courtesy of the press office of the Design Museum )

It is a universe of beauty, spark, creative twist and genius which is currently on display at the Design Museum.

Fashion, and much more. this is the essence of Paul Smith‘s brand, an inspired and always creative artist which is framed with a brilliant and comprehensive exhibition on the banks of the London Thames.

The first room of the exhibition is devoted to the beginnings of the British designer’s first tailoring: a tiny room of only nine square meters that accurately reproduces his first fashion shop in Byrd Lane, in the English town of Nottingham. ‘Paul Smith, vetement pour homme’ is his first trial, a small shop which was open only on Friday and Saturday with the money earned with freelance jobs.

Photographs, sketches, colourful moodboards and colour palettes enrich the exhibition, sealing the creative and a bit mad geniality of Paul Smith. Versatile artist with unlimited inspirations, he seems to epitomise the Niezsche’s child with naïve echoes. The British designer is an example of a perfect blend of classic minimalist style and eclecticism of inspiration.

A room is a reproduction of his London private office, full of objects he usually uses as a continuous source of inspiration. Oil colours, watercolours, books, clothes and dolls to remind the audience that the British brand is far from the idea of fashion as something merely frivolous.

Smith personally is usually to choose fabrics and materials that will be used for the creation of fashion collections. Smith follows with professionalism and attention the selection of building materials and furnishings for the creation of his elegant studios around the world.

“Literally anything can spark off an idea”, says the British artist who personally oversees the creation of each and every fashion store. The artist usually personalises his stores around the world (London, Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles) with a team of architects and designers.

The designer began his first experiments in Nottingham helped by his wife Pauline Denyer. The first atelier was set up in a hotel suite in Paris in 1976 and the collection included only six shirts, two jumpers and two suits. A three-dimensional reproduction of cardboard in black and white has been placed in the exhibition to draw the viewer into the Paul Smith’s story, from the very beginning.

Today, the Paul Smith brand is well renowned all over the world, with a thriving market that finds popularly in distant lands such as Japan. Anticipating the upcoming shows in London and Paris, take a look at his collections, ‘classic with a twist’.