Pointillism Girl in Shoreditch


Hi Graffiti Lovers!

Yesterday I received an email from Pablo, a Spanish guy who would like to share with us his Urban Glimpse, captured in Old Street, Shoreditch.

This beautiful girl, painted with original pointillism technique, was painted by  the Australian street artist James Cochran.

Happy Easter Everybody!

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Graffiti Artists in Shoreditch to support Calm

graffiti by night

Last Sunday, 24th March, three talented and brave street artists faced the freezing weather as they painted three colourful graffiti in Shoreditch, throughout the day.

The three beautiful and luminous graffiti were painted on huge billboards located in London Old Street in order to support the charity Calm, an association which aim is to prevent male suicide in the UK. In fact, taking a glance at last figures, data is scaring: an average of three young men end their lives every day in the UK, a percentage which is about 75% of all the suicides in the country.

Together with BMB and JCDecaux, Calm’s aim is to raise awareness of this problem by organizing a creative and artistic day with three graffiti painters. Three artists, who are Koze, 45rpm and Richt, are part of Soulful Creative, a Pr agency who supports the creativity of great street artists in London.

The Calm campaign, called ‘TOM. DICK. HARRY.  Every day three young men end their lives.  Help stop male suicide’, has been thought in order to stimulate people’s attention on this huge problem, as only one in 10 British are aware that suicide is the most likely cause of death of men under 35.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) was born as a pilot by the Depth of Health in 1997 in Manchester and transformed in a charity in 2006. Nowadays the association offers daily caring support with many services. The charity provides a phone line open from 5 pm to midnight every day and text service in order to be helpful and give persistent support.

Over the years Calm association has worked in collaboration with many talented artists in the field of music and art such as Dizzee Rascal, David Baddiel, Richard Herring and Stephan Merchant. The purpose is to support an important cause and deliver a strong message by powerful, fresh and unique creative ‘frenzy’.

For more information: http://www.thecalmzone.net

Survey: The Coolest Area In London East End

I have gone to East London to find out the coolest area among:

  • Shoreditch
  • Brick Lane
  • Hoxton 
  • Dalston 

The evaluation criteria were:

  • Night Life
  • Graffiti
  • Art and Photography Exhibitions

I  have interviewed 70 Londoners, 35 women and 35 men, from 18 to 35 years old and I have found out that:

1. The most appealing area for night life is Shoreditch. Almost 5 in 10 people interviewed prefer hang out in Shoreditch, while 3 in 10 choose Brick Lane. Only 1 in 10 ‘has fun’ in Hoxton or Dalston.


2. The most beautiful graffiti are in Brick Lane. 47% percent of the voters prefers Brick Lane, while 34% opts for Shoreditch street art graffiti. In fact in this area there plenty of works by famous artists such as Hunto, Paul Don Smith and James Cochran


3. Because of several art and photography galleries, two areas almost reach the same percentage, 43% (Shoreditch), followed by 40% (Brick Lane).


4. Combining data, I have discovered that the coolest area in terms of night life, graffiti, art and photographs exhibitions is:


4 in 10 Londoners think that it is the winner of the competition!


Do you agree with the results? Post your opinion below!

Thank you

ArtBabel London

Interview with the Street Artist Gianluca Carrubba

Gianluca Carruba is an Italian street artist.

Born in 1979 in Puglia, a region situated in the South of Italy, he performs all over Europe since he was an adolescent.

He travelled a lot and improved his technique with fire torches in Tenerife. In the past he worked as a juggler for many Italian theatre and dance companies.

He has been living in London for five years and has become part of the Brick Lane Street Artists community. Every Sunday these jugglers meet in Brick Lane in order to delight people with their artistic activities.

Gianluca defines himself ‘Chef Joker’ because he works as a chief cook in a restaurant in Knightsbridge during the week and performs with fire torches and clubs during the weekend.

Cooking and Street Art are very similar for him. In fact, as he explains, both activities involve the creativity. He uses ‘tricks’ and creativity both in the kitchen and in the street.

He is constantly struggling to make a living with the art of juggler. He feels more comfortable under the Joker mask.

He gave us an unusual definition of street art as he told ‘Art is something that make people happy. Since life is like a mirror, if you donate happiness to the people, you will receive it as well.’