Dorothy Iannone’s Erotic and Postfeminist Art Works

Dorothy Iannone – Innocent and Aware

Take a glance at Dorothy Iannone‘s Erotic and Postfeminist Art Works at Camden Arts Centre, London.

With Art NouveauNaive and African Art influences, the exhibition offers a wide range of picturesque and junoesque women.

In her works it is easy to find out her primary sources . She was inspired by Gustav Klimt erotic bodies and Henri Rosseau ‘naive’ girls in the savannah.

Her works are a frank celebration of free eroticism and libertinage.

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 Try to guess the famous people depicted by Dorothy Iannone in the last picture of the gallery who are:

1.  A famous British film maker

2. A  president of the United States and his glamourous wife 

3. A renowned king of United Kingdom 

Post your comments below!

An exhaustive and complete review of the exhibition is coming soon…

(Photographs courtesy of Camden Art Centre Press Office).


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